Reviews of the Vacuvox products

Vacuvox U23m review by Friedemann Kootz for Studio Magazin - October 2018

"However, the thrilling difference lies in the depth that the recording suddenly gets. It sounds trite, but the signal, even though it is mono and comes from a pure DI recording, gets an impressive plasticity. Small signal details come forward and make the instrument sound much more expensive than it is. The compressor does not emphasize any disturbances, but adds glittering harmonics, which directly enhance the signal. In a form that we have seldom heard."

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Vacuvox U23m review by George Shilling for Resolution - July/August 2019

"The U23m added a gorgeous open tone across everything I tried it on, tightening the bass end beautifully and adding punchy - or creamy - vari-mu magic without darkening things. The controls allow for many flavours and add immense flexibility. It's quite miraculous that such an old underlying design provides one of the best ever compressors."

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