Vacuvox CL-2 compressor limiter

Vacuvox CL-2 compressor/limiter

The Vacuvox CL-2 compressor limiter, replaced by the Vacuvox U23, is a tube compressor limiter based around the original design of the Rohde & Schwarz U-23 broadcast limiter. Many of the original parts of the U-23 are used in the Vacuvox CL-2, among which the chassis, which is not standard 19 inch.

The original Rohde & Schwarz U-23 had limited possibilities as its only purpose was preventing overmodulation of a broadcast transmitter.

The Vacuvox CL-2, as opposed to the U-23, had various controls added such as variable attack- and release times and a variable compression ratio. The circuit was also modified resulting in a more stable operation over a much broader range. The lowest possible distortion was not a design goal during development and reducing the gain results in some higher second and third harmonics, which give the effect of making the sound appear louder and more euphoric.
Our clients are always totally amazed at the difference in operation and sound quality of the Vacuvox CL-2 compared to the Rohde & Schwarz U-23.


What our customers have to say about the Vacuvox CL-2

“Vacuvox CL2 Limiter: For Vocals and Bass these things are just amazing!! [Michael] Brauer turned me on to them. I have even used them on the Stereo bus, really thick.” – Devin Powers

“Vacuvox CL-2. Oh boy the R&S U23 what a monster. Inspiration for the 670 but so much better in design and sound.”

“Vacuvox CL2 / Rohde Schwarz u23 .. Best compressor limiter in the planet…” – Merlin Moon

“But the mother of all compressors has to be the Vacuvox CL2. It’s a modified Rohde & Schwarz U23 (utilizing early vari mu technology from the 50’s). I’ve used many comps over the years and nothing blew me away as much as a Vacuvox. Same principle as a Fairchild, but more versatile. Use it on anything as a magic fattening / enhancement box. There are no words available to describe it’s qualities. We need to have an equivalent of the Eskimo’s words describing snow in order to begin to do the Vacuvox justice.” – Danny O’Reilly

“I own a Fairchild 670! However I think the Holy Grail of compressors is the Vacuvox CL-2!” – Richard Dimmette

“Vacuvox CL 2…the king of compressors…just wraps itself around the envelope…fat as hell…dirty grainy punchy…ten million valves and a million transformers working in harmony to squeeze and squeeze. favourite!!!”

“Really like the sound of the Vacuvox!! Amazing for Bass and Lead vocal, has an incredible vibe and colour!” – Lewis Pickett